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Expert Retaining Wall installation, paver patios, driveways and retaining walls.

Retaining Walls St Louis Mo uses only durable stone materials. For instance, we design landscape walls using strong inter-locking, concrete blocks.

Walls are obvious barriers that deter and deflect strong soil pressure from rainwater accumulation.

Inexperienced builders construct walls with common everday inexpensive lightweight blocks.

Over time, water and soil pressure push these blocks until they come tumbling down.

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Retaining Walls St Louis Mo are skilled craftsman.

Above all, we stand behind our work. The cutting edge material stone that we use lasts a lifetime:

We build rigid walls using ROCKWOOD RETAINER WALL BLOCKS to control soil pressure.
Hence, strong wall construction prevents rainwater from collecting and stops ground expansion.

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Retaining Walls St Louis Mo is a Skilled hardscape contractor.

We exceed your expectations with elegant outdoor living space designs that set the perfect mood.

Our Landscape and Hardscape Construction Services:

Structural Retaining Walls
Custom Retaining Walls
Sitting Walls
Stone Columns

Custom Patios from Stamped Concrete to Brick Pavers
Outdoor Living Areas
Fire Pits

Retaining walls
Steps for Retaining walls
Retaining wall repair
Paver driveways

Paver walkways
Driveway pavers
Concrete driveway pavers
Brick paver driveway
Paver driveway installation

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Retaining Walls, Inc. St. Louis has 35 Years of Mastering the Art of Hardscaping

When Concrete Walls Fail …

Professional, Solid, Wall Installation

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Poorly constructed outside living spaces do not last. As a result, paver pathways, driveways, outdoor kitchens or fireplaces may break down over time if constructed using  faulty materials.
Soil pressure expands from rain accumulation so a nominal quality landscape wall will eventually fail.

Properly constructed retaining walls prevent heavy rain runoff year-round. Whereas a shoddy substandard wall design will eventually fracture with persistant soil pressure.

Professional retaining wall contractors use precise drainage systems as part of the construction. Consequently, they excavate the land to make space to install the drainage elements.

With 35+ years of experience in St Louis landscape solutions, we are family owned and operated. Indeed, we offer the best landscape/hardscape solutions.

Illustration graphic of a Proper Retaining Wall Construction Installation

Our retaining walls building technique creates an interlocking internal support structure that locks the wall together as one solid unit.


We have the skills to make your concept a reality that we’re confident will go beyond your wildest expectations. Above all, we finish the job.

As consultative and creative solutions experts just give us a feeling, a color or an idea. Ultimately, we will design a custom creation that’s equal parts beautiful, functional and maintainable.

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Consultation, Design and Creative Solutions is our Expertise. For this reason, our team knows exactly how to create the look and feel for all of your Outdoor Living Desires.

To clarify, we build retaining walls, brick paver driveways, patios, walkways, Firepits, Outdoor Kitchens or beautiful in-ground Swimming Pools.

Furthermore, we are also an experienced residential paver installer, specializing in creating paver driveways, patios, walkways and sidewalks.

Retaining Walls Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Most importantly, we bring 30 +years experience in commercial/residential creative retaining wall & patio solutions.


In addition, references are available from any of our satisfied and grateful clients.