Landscape Retainer Walls

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Rain will wash away unrestrained soil on steep slopes. For this reason, we build landscape retaining walls.

To manage drainage and soil erosion we use retaining walls. As a result, we can enhance the beauty of your property.

Retainer walls are custom-made to fit any landscape. As a result, the range of designs, shapes and sizes is vast. We layout and set up all kinds of retaining wall systems, large and small.

We use the highest quality materials to ensure that our structure is durable. Hence, we’re confident you can enjoy the durability of our work  for life! Our skilled hardscape experts will help you choose the correct block or paver design for your wall project.

During the initial consultation, our designer will bring samples of options so that you can select the most appealing color and texture of the materials that work best for your taste.

Landscape Retaining, Wall Construction

Does your property have sloped or uneven ground that you would like upgraded or redesigned?

Maybe you’d like to reclaim a slanted section of land for a strong retaining wall, flowing stone steps, a paver pool area design or perhaps, a driveway update? 

Looking for an updated design or definition of your landscape? 

Do you have a section of your lawn with a steep incline that is under used or unusable?

If so, the block retaining wall can help you open up a new purposeful exterior space to enjoy. Protective partitions made of a variety of building materials can complement your landscaping and increase the value of your home. We can design and install a block stone wall for your house that will transform a sloped property into a flowing terraced lawn.

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Proper drainage of retaining walls

The chief reason that landscape retaining walls fail is because of poor construction quality and/or the lack of adequate built-in drainage.

“Hydrostatic pressure” is the water that builds up in the back of a retaining wall and without a proper drainage system that external pressure is enough to cause the wall to breakdown and collapse over time.

A properly constructed retaining wall with a good drainage design will channel the water away from the structure through the use of weep holes, lateral drains, blanket drains, and granular soil or fill.

Rebuilding Or Replacing Retaining Walls

Our landscape retaining wall work is mostly new construction, yet we also offer wall repairs, rebuild or update projects.

Landscaping Block, Retaining Walls:

We help some homeowners to deal with a collapsing, sagging, or failing landscape retaining wall.

The heavy concrete block with a wide open cavity is perhaps the most common material used to build modern landscape retaining walls.

Each strong block weighs 90 lbs+ with an attractive surface and shape design. These appealing, affordable and one-of-a-kind shapes come in 

ornamental hues and a variety of textures.

Stackable concrete blocks or stones usually have a decorative front design with a small lip on the back.

They embed this lip in the block below it to form an interlocking joint, which can resist the external force of the soil/fill and divert pressure down into the soil.

Since these blocks are usually slightly wedge-shaped, this feature simplifies the creation of curved retaining wall designs.